The Electrokid Website Guide...

  1. When building a website you will need to provide all of your ideas of what you want in your website, this can be a mindmap or notes.
  2. You will then have to send us pages you require and any pictures you want to include or if you require stock photos.
  3. Once the website has been planned you will be required to find a domain name. For more information on doing this use the link below.
  4. You will be sent a copy of the website for you to view and approve.
  5. To host a website you will be asked to sign up for a hosting package. Instructions will be provided.
  6. The site is published once a payement made.
Getting a Domain
Getting Hosting


My websites will cost between £200 and £600+ (dependant on complexity) to publish plus the monthly price of hosting if you cannot provide your own. You will be advised on a price once you have submitted your ideas.

Use the link below to find your hosting.

hosting >>